A New York City based cinematographer available for narrative, commercial, music video, and documentary films.

Sheldon comes to New York from Rhode Island, getting his first training in filmmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design. He went on to complete his BFA in Film & Television from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where he solidified his passion for camera and lighting. He has gained experience working on a variety of films from narrative to documentary to commercial with numerous camera systems and finds himself just as much at home in all styles.

Sheldon is drawn to the art and science behind cinematography precisely because of its seamless blend of creative and technical pursuits. On one hand, cinematography requires a comprehensive knowledge of various aspects of physics and mathematics, and yet understanding even the most obscure complexities is useless without a sense of the artistry required in implementing it. Whether it's an instinct that dictates the feel of the lighting or a thorough, calculated plan there is always something to give purpose to the technicalities. 

Outside of filmmaking Sheldon likes to frequent Chipotle and stay abreast of feminist issues.




Ironically, Sheldon does not like being photographed.

Ironically, Sheldon does not like being photographed.