The Lux & Lens

A cinematography blog for the old and new.

What are you likely to find here?

For one, you'll be surprised by just how many people out there have opinions about movies, but few are interested in writing about the photography that brings the narrative to the screen. That's what you'll find here. Something in the way of a review, a rant, praise, or disdain for the cinematography that tells the stories that we love and hate. There's no art form that can really survive outside of its criticism. Imagine the Mona Lisa if there weren't any art history enthusiasts to tell us how amazing it is. Let's be honest, it's just a painting of some girl without them. They keep it alive and rightly so! That's all I'm doing here, keeping our minds nimble to the sucesses, failures, subtleties, and artistry of motion picture photography.

A quick stipulation: Unfortunately the Lux and Lens is not a democracy. It's my brainchild; and I'm the abusive brainfather who beats it when it skips violin lessons. You'll see that there's a fantastically unmotivated mix of brand new movies, classics, and maybe some films that are old, but not actually good enough to be considered classics. If that doesn't scare you, you will also be bombarded with opinions. LOTS OF OPINIONS. Probably most things you'll see here are liable for you to disagree with. And if it really starts a fire in your heart and you just absolutely have to publicize your tirade on how wrong I am, there is a comments section for your convenience (free speech?! maybe this is a democracy). Anywho, do enjoy your stay here at the L&L.


-Sheldon J.