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What’s Next for Buffalo Soldier?

There is still an incredible number of stories left to be told about the lives of African-American soldiers. The potential of this project was made even more clear when it earned several awards off the strength of only the first three photographs.

In the past 2 years my team and I have proven that we have the skills to make these photographs larger than life. We need your contributions to continue to tell these much deserved histories.


Your donations will take “Buffalo Soldier” into all new territory:

Rebellion at Sea.jpg

REBELLION AT SEA - 1619 to 1808

The story of our first American warriors. Many captive Africans aboard the slave ship would rather fight and die than be taken into the unknown horrors that awaited upon disembarkation.

Fight for Freedom.jpg

THE FIGHT FOR LIBERTY - 1775 to 1783

With promises of freedom coming from both sides, Black America was split on the choice between Patriot and Loyalist. Many would take up arms against the country that would become their home.

The American West.jpg

THE AMERICAN WEST - 1866 to 1924

The original “Buffalo Soldiers.”An exploration of the peculiar role Black soldiers played as agents of imperialism and oppressors of Indigenous peoples all the while fighting racism aimed at themselves.

Justice in the Army.jpg


Four Black Women of the Women’s Army Corps went on strike in protest of the menial labor they were given during WWII. After being arrested, their story captivated the nation.

Vietnam & the Black Panthers.jpg


While the Black Panther Party made strides against the government at home, Black soldiers in Vietnam risked their lives on the government’s behalf.